The Hiawatha Public Library needs its community to vote “Yes” on the Hiawatha Public Library Referendum on November 7th. By voting yes, you will be showing support of your local library and strengthening its service to the community.

The Hiawatha Public Library works hard to support its community. HPL wants to provide better and wider services than it currently has the capacity or resources to do so. The Referendum will be the vote that decides on if the HPL will have the chance to do so.

Voting “Yes” benefits you and the HPL in the following ways:

  • Doubling the size of the library
  • Longer internet sessions
  • More books, movies, CDs, video games
  • A new information center with new computers
  • New study rooms
  • Activity rooms for youth, teens and adults
  • Large gathering rooms for crowds and events
  • Better heating and air conditioning
  • Important safety necessities such as a storm shelter

The HPL wants to give more to its community. Help them by voting “Yes” on November 7th.